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2010 - Octavo II

Ordinal Numbers
Uses of Ordinal numbers
Clickea en el numero correcto
Subi los nenes al coche en el orden correcto
Draw an ordinal number.

Practice 1
Practice 2
Practice 3
Practice 4

Verb Can
Lookk for images and write sentences. Past them in a picasa file. Do a collage
Prepositions of time


Which is digital? and analoga?

Write the time in Spanish.

Do a power point explaining the time

Do a big clock and explain the time.

copy the theory


What is the time?
1) It is one o´clock
2) It is three o´clock
3) It is five o´clock
4) It is seven o´clock
5) It is nine o´clock
6) It is eleven o´clock
7) It is half past two
8) It is half past four
9) It is half past six
10) It is half past eight
11) It is half past ten
12) It is a quarter past one
13) It is a quarter past three
14) It is a quarter past five
15) It is a quarter past seven
16) It is a quarter past nine
17) It is a quarter to three
18) It is a quarter to four
19) It is a quarter to six
20) It is a quarter to nine

Your partner correct you.

Write the time


Do a power point explainig the theme.

---------------- how much- how many -----------------


Copy de theory that you have read.

How much - how many

Open this file Save as your name

Choose the correct preposition. Then copy and past in your Word file.

Spot the prepositions. Copy each sentence and underline the prepositions.

Answer. Copy each sentence and underline the prepositions.

Go to the classroom to view exams.

Plural rules

Demonstrative pronouns and Possessive adjectives

Possessive adjectives
1 Leer
2 Copiar ejemplos en su archivo de_Word
3 Escribir mas ejemplos

The Family
1. Open and save a new Word document.
2.Go to Dictionary and write the pronunciation of each family member.
2. Knowing the family members
3. Complete and paste.
The Simpsons family
4. Draw your family tree.
5. Look for an image of your family and describe it.
6. Go to Have/Has got. Write the answers in the same Word file.
Practice 1
Practice 2

There is / there are
1. Open and save a new Word document as your name.
2. Look at the picture. Answer in the Word file. Then correct.
2. Do these activities and then copy and paste.
3. Complete and paste these exercises.
Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 3
Do a Movie Maker to explaing the rest of the class this theme.

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